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Martha's Not Top Ten

We've been sharing some Top 10 lists from Artifact Puzzles collectors (see Hertel's Top 10 and Brandt's Top 8), but collector Martha wrote in to say:

Dearest Artifact,
You have set us an impossible task. This is like asking us to rate our children by favorites!
I will admit to having a special fondness for certain puzzles, but out of a hundred there are certainly WAY more than ten! Many factors influence that fondness, for instance: 

The puzzling situation and who worked on the puzzle - Persini Le Passeur (currently discontinued): 
How personally it speaks my name - Vikram Madan Caf-fiend (photo title: “Bed Head”),
How it filled a need (in this case a beautiful distraction) - Old Venice Map,   
How stirring the image (plus, in this case, colors that utterly make me swoon) - Piero di Cosimo Liberazione di Andromeda,
Its extra special pieces - Dennis Brady Cercles Et Des Carres,   
Amazing whimsies - Big San Francisco Literary Map (and many others!), 
The interplay between the image and cut - Piet Mondrian Composition 
Luminosity like Rekunenko Charming Village,
Sheer gorgeousness - Severin Roesen Flower Still Life, 
I’ve only just scratched the surface here of puzzles I love. I couldn’t possibly rank them. There are many others I love just as much. I think it’s absolutely fair to say I don’t have a favorite puzzle but … I totally look forward to solving a lot more and maybe proving myself wrong! I always get a rush of excitement when I check out the upcoming puzzles. Who knows what fondnesses will yet develop!

Thanks for all the great puzzles Artifact!

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  • Gary Hertel on

    Fun pictures!

    I made one of the earlier lists, so it’s been really interesting seeing how different each list is.

    Just as a comparison I’ve made 3 of these as well:
    - Luminosity is a fun one with the theme all the different piece shapes, highly recommended! That one came really close to making my list.
    - Cercles Et Des Carres is fantastic with all the weird piece shapes, but it goes oh so quick!
    - And Breach of Contract is just good straight fun, can’t go wrong with that :)

    Thanks for the list, I’ll have to give a few of those a try!

  • Newbie in Tennessee on

    I’m new to this all and it was so nice to see how the different puzzles look. Thanks for sharing your favorites Martha and these great photos!

  • Hronir Jones on

    Yep, I totally agree! Especially about the memories of puzzling with others – my favorite being the first time you introduce someone to an artifact puzzle and their eyes open to a better world!

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