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Get a Back in Stock Email But We're Out?

We'd like to issue a general apology to those of you who got a back-in-stock email this round but the puzzle you wanted had sold back out.

We realize that's very annoying.

Here's what we're doing about it: we've switched to making bigger batches of each puzzle we're stocking, so that once it's in-stock, it should stay in-stock a little longer so more people have a chance to get that.

The downside of this strategy though is, because we have very very limited manufacturing right now to due to Covid orders and to keep our employees safe, there will be less variety of puzzles we can get in-stock.

We are focusing our minimal business operations on our biggest and newest puzzles for now. 

We have also considered a market-based solution of raising prices - that would help the customers who "want a particular puzzle the most" be the ones to get it  - but at this point we prefer to hold prices steady, even if that means we sell out too fast.

Our next batch of puzzles is coming in 4-10 days, and will include a lot of the Sage of Yamatai.

We'll have more updates here as we have them.

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  • Jennifer Kupay on

    So sorry to hear about the struggles. Please know that even though I’m sad that there is almost nothing in stock right now, and I check the site more than is probably healthy to admit, I understand you guys are working very hard to get some pieces out there. I snag one when I can and absolutely relish it. Thank you for making these amazing puzzles!

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