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Fun visualization of the Gaussian distribution

Carlos Balsalobre points out this excellent "visualization" of the Gaussian distribution from the choice people make for their weights at the gym. 

Here, you can see from the wear-and-tear that 60 lbs is the most likely choice of gym-goers, with the probability they want heavier or lighter weights spread out surprisingly symmetrically around 60 pounds, in what indeed looks like a roughly Gaussian distribution: 

(Of course here we are just seeing a bundled version of people's weight preferences, you might really want a 64 pound weight, but you'd have to round down to 60 pounds). 

It's also nice to see from the wear-and-tear that the manufacturer has designed a range that spans what different people seem to want. 

However, if you had to choose 18 weights to make these gym-goer's happiest, you might do better by having more a few more choices in the middle range, and spacing out the far end choices a bit more. 

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  • Dorene on

    Got several Mother’s day puzzle, couldn’t be happier but what’s the story with no pictures on the box?

  • Christine on

    Those weight stacks are used in various machines tailored for different exercises, and come with 2.5, 5, 7.5, etc. pound (detached) weights that fit around the cable on top of the lightest plate, to enable smaller weight increments.

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