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Five New Ecru "Mystery Puzzles" Coming Soon-ish!

We have five new mystery puzzles that are almost-ready or coming-soon.  

Our "mystery puzzles" are Ecru puzzles where we won't show you the image, for a classic puzzle experience.

We will tell you how many pieces, and we do give you a short description, like,

      • Mystery #14 is a colorful contemporary landscape painting,
      • Mystery #15 is a colorful French landscape
      • Mystery #16 is a colorful contemporary Fauvist landscape,
      • Mystery #17 is a charming ode to fairytales.
      • Mystery #18 will be a charming, beautiful contemporary landscape

You can check-out them out on our coming-soon puzzles on the Coming Eventually page

When they are closer to ready, we'll also show you an example piece for each puzzle, and we will include the image label hidden in the bottom of the box in case you want hints.

Note, we've numbered our Mystery Puzzles in the order we start working on them, but they won't necessarily be the order they come into stock, and we're reserving the number Mystery Puzzle #13 for an as-yet-undetermined new halloween image.  Ecru Puzzles - Mystery Puzzle #14

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