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Fire, Bad Air in Californa causing delays on customer service and shipping

Notice: We have partly shut-down due to fires and smoke in our area, and handling customer service issues may be delayed, as is getting more puzzles in-stock. 

We're in Fremont, California and one of the many wildfires is raging in the hills a few miles away. The outside air quality is very bad here, making some people feel too nauseous to eat (myself included - not a diet I recommend!).

Some of our team is facing evacuation notices as the fires have begun to incur on populated areas. Friends have already had to evacuate their homes.

If you haven't followed what's going on in California, the key problem is we had hours of lightning strikes during a storm a few days ago across huge swaths of California, and that started multiple fires in our dried-out hills and forests. (There was sadly also an arsonist in Big Sur at the same time).

Multiple fires in different places is of course taxing our incredible fire responders and fire response resources, and blanketing the state in smoke.  

We hope everyone else in California and neighboring states is doing okay. 

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  • Kathy on

    Praying for lots of rain! Stay safe.

  • Sue on

    Extending last comment.
    You guys feel like family to me!!!!

  • Sue on

    Stay safe.

  • Tonia on

    Stay safe and well!

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