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Fastest Puzzle Times Contest: enter by Jan 31

Gather your friends and family and see how fast you can do any of these six puzzles: Stem Cell Circle of Time Dennis Brady Circles and Squares Burden of Formality...

Gather your friends and family and see how fast you can do any of these six puzzles:

Stem Cell

Circle of Time

Dennis Brady Circles and Squares

Burden of Formality

Haeckel Sea Squirts

Crystal Grove

To enter, start timing when you open the box, and stop timing when the last piece is in. Take a photo of your group with the completed puzzle, and email it to us at with your timing and the number of people in your group, and also let us know if we have everyone in the photo's permission to post the photo if the group wins.

Contest Ends: Jan 31, 2018 (midnight, pacific time)

Prizes: we will award a free puzzle of your choice up to $75 value and free US shipping for the fastest time for each of the six puzzles listed above, however we reserve the right to award a slower time if the faster times already won for another puzzle (that is, we will attempt to award six unique groups).

Entries: Anyone can enter as many times as they like for as many of the six puzzles. Groups can be as big as you like but do tell us how many people were puzzling (at what point does having more puzzlers actually slow you down?). 


3 comments on Fastest Puzzle Times Contest: enter by Jan 31
  • Carol Brouillet
    Carol BrouilletFebruary 02, 2018

    We had fun with the contest! We ordered a puzzle that we had never done before and did it multiple times, timing each attempt. We did a couple of puzzles that we had already, which were larger and more difficult, and just attempted those once each and miscalculated dramatically on how long each would take. Please post the results of your contest- how many people, fastest times, just to help satisfy our curiosity about how others fared with their puzzles. I also tried to find friends who liked puzzles to participate in the contest with me, and learned that some refused to be in “a contest” preferrinf the meditative process of leisurely putting a puzzle together, and many sadly had never experienced your puzzles, but I hope to introduce them to our collection, soon – I am sure they will enjoy them. The contest was a great excuse to reconnect with old friends. Thanks again for holding it. We enjoyed our puzzle making and we do look forward to learning how many participated in the contest and what their results were!

  • Carol Liane Brouillet
    Carol Liane BrouilletJanuary 24, 2018

    What a fun contest! My question is – timing the contest… is it only when you do a puzzle for the very first time? It always is easier, when doing the puzzle a second, third, fourth or fifth time… Two of the puzzles I already have and I have ordered one that I have never done before. I have invited friends and family to help work on the puzzles, but I want to know, if the contest is really for people doing a puzzle for the very first time or for those who might have already done it before (or multiple times…) We do have a huge collection of Artifact Puzzles of varying numbers of pieces and level of difficulty. Our main purpose will be simply to have fun and not kill ourselves trying to win a prize by being the very fastest. Thanks for organizing the contest!

  • joyce a gunn
    joyce a gunnJanuary 14, 2018

    You need to do a contest for single puzzlers.

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