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Dogs Aren't The Only Ones Who Eat Puzzle Pieces

Thanks Diane D from SF East Bay for giving us permission to share her funny story:

After reading so many of your blog posts warning about dogs chewing on puzzle pieces, I have to admit it is not only dogs that pop puzzle pieces into their mouths without thinking!

I was puzzling away with a pile of hard crackers at hand to snack on...
Grab chomp grab chomp...
Next thing I know one of the crackers seemed unusually hard!
Yep it was one of the puzzle pieces!

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  • Kathy F on

    I had to laugh when I read this post. Although I have to say instead of my dogs eating my puzzle pieces, my cats tend to grab them and run away! I’ll find puzzle pieces in other parts of the house and sometimes they magically reappear after a week on the floor by my puzzle area where there was no puzzle piece before!

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