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Doggone-it! These Puzzles are Going to the Dogs (Literally)!

This is your friendly periodic reminder from Artifact Puzzles to keep your pieces up and away from your dogs!
A happy puzzler was almost done with the 1,1221 piece Chinatown puzzle...
... when Mink snagged a piece off of the floor before her owner noticed!
Mink looks guilty and apologetic, but her owner notes, "it's not her fault, it fell on the floor!"
Our wood is just soooo tasty! 
This has been a PSA: dogs chew puzzle pieces! In many cases we can replace individual pieces of our puzzles, but we ask for $15 to cover costs, to get that, just purchase our piece replacement here and send us an email with the photo showing where the piece goes, and let us know if we can share your sad-dog story.

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