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Deep Dive on Egon Schiele's Entrancing Four Trees

Egon Schiele's Four Trees painting is astoundingly beautiful, and one of his most famous paintings. 

While our puzzle of Four Trees only has 79 pieces, we made it a fun challenge for adults by making it connectorless (but a frame of pieces keeps it from falling apart on you), which means you have to really look at the image to figure out what goes where.  

So what was Egon Schiele thinking when he painted this? You can read a fun in-depth analysis of Four Trees at


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  • Becky on

    I have to admit this puzzles was a lot of fun and really a challenge. If you get one piece in the wrong spot it throws off the entire puzzles.

  • slugbiker on

    One of the things I love about this puzzle (and many others on this site) is the ability to examine the artwork as you piece it together. You notice the small details, the brushwork, the colors. Even if you see a painting at a museum, you rarely have the opportunity to look at it up close and for an extended period of time. Plus, the rectangular pieces are like little pieces of candy. Another gem!

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