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Cat and Dog - Partners in Puzzle Destruction

Here's our latest story reminding you that pets and wood puzzles can be a bad combination.

Wallace the Maine Coon cat loves to lie on puzzle pieces and knock them off the table.

Her compatriot Kèk the Vizsla dog found a puzzle piece on the ground and decided that meant it was fair game for chewing!

Here's what that Half Life puzzle piece looked like after Kèk enjoyed it:


If your pets destroy puzzle pieces, shoot us an email with a photo of the piece (and the pet, so we can warn others), and we'll replace it for free the first time (subsequent bad pet behavior we would request $10-15 to cover shipping and handling).

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  • susan kaput on

    I love these posts about pets. It shows you’ll replace a piece, if needed (first one free) and gives customers a platform to show photos of criminals…(smile).

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