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Birds and Cherries Available Now!

This 152 piece puzzle is both gorgeous and fun! Featuring the work of Giuseppe Castiglione, this puzzle has a surprising irregular edge, and beautiful geometric pieces along with themed whimsy pieces. 

This puzzle is in stock now!

Happy Puzzling!

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  • Timothy Wright on

    This was an engaging puzzle, it does have a regular edge but the body of the puzzle was “busy” and will keep you busy as well. For a small puzzle with a regular edge this is not an easy puzzle, I spent two busy hours working it, and it stays interesting beginning to end. The whimsical pieces are fun but not really productive. Some puzzles if you fill out all the whimsical pieces, all one needs to do is fill in in-between. This is not that easy.

    I loved the art; this is an intermediate difficulty, not so simple as to be insulting and not so difficult as to be disheartening, complex enough to stay engaging the whole time. It is a great value for puzzle lovers either to own or as a gift.

    The puzzle has enough size and areas for a couple to share, between 2 birds, cherries with tree, border pieces for example two people could their own responsibilities.

    I know some sharp tween age young puzzle savants who will relish this puzzle.

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