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Big Crazy Experiment: No top labels on wood boxes!

A number of you have asked if we can make all our puzzles ship without the picture on the box, to make the puzzles harder.

That was how all wood puzzles before the 1950's or so.

Meanwhile, this week we are having huge storms in California, and the humidity is wrinkling up the labels we usually put on our wood boxes.

Given the puzzle shortage due to the pandemic, we do not want to stop producing puzzles just because the humidity is high right now.

So, we have decided this is a good time to run an experiment: for the next couple of weeks (and maybe forever depending how this experiment goes), wood box puzzles will:

  • still have side labels telling you which puzzle and how many pieces
  • will NOT have the picture on the box
  • will HAVE the picture hidden in the bottom of the box
  • the picture in the bottom of the box is a big sticker, so you CAN put it on on the box top yourself if you prefer to have the sticker on the box

We'll also include a note letting people know that the picture is hidden in the bottom of the box.

Our non-wood box puzzles will stay the same, with the picture on their box.

You can leave your feedback as a blog comment, or you can email us.  

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  • Lisa on

    Sounds like a plan to me!

  • slugbiker on

    i’m fine with it as long as you include the image inside the box and the label with the picture that can be attached to the bottom/side (imperative when you have a stack to know which puzzles are which).

  • Sonya on

    This sounds fine to me. Becky and others that want a picture can stick it on the box, while those that do not want the picture can leave it in the box. Everyone should be happy!

  • JL on

    I agree with Becky. First no box picture and then you say no black paper wrapping. Seems like there are too many shortcuts, I don’t like where this is going…

  • Jennifer Kupay on

    Sounds good to me. As long as I can still see the image when buying and have the image to add to the box when I go to put it on my shelf, I’m fine either way. I don’t look at the picture while I assemble the puzzle but I do like to have it in the box ultimately.

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