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Best Puzzles for Cat Lovers

Hey there, cat lovers!  Here's a list of our purr-fect puzzles:   Louis Wain's Three Kittens - New! Louis Wain's charming cat art springs to life in our whimsical puzzles –...

Hey there, cat lovers! 

Here's a list of our purr-fect puzzles:


Louis Wain's Three Kittens - New!

Louis Wain's charming cat art springs to life in our whimsical puzzles – discover the enchantment today! A playful challenge with a whimsical edge (not shown) and irregular piece shapes with complex connectors and lots of kitten whimsies! This is from our Ecru Puzzles line with reduced glare for tired eyes.


 Two Cats

Two Cats' by Yuri Gorbachev comes to life in this 314-piece puzzle. With its square-ish pieces, straight edges, and whimsical surprises, it's a playful challenge that will have you feline fine!


 Kittens Recital

Step into the paws-itively playful world by Carl Reichert, featuring a regular edge, fun whimsies, and cat-head-shaped pieces by Jef Bambas. But brace yourself, as the true colors may be darker than they appear on your screen. It's a puzzle that perfectly combines your love for cats and the joy of puzzling!

 Franz Marc Cat 

You will definitely need the right cattitude to do this puzzle! Franz Marc's 'Cat' is paired with non-unique connectors with only a handful of whimsies designed by Tara Flannery to help you along, making it surprisingly difficult.

Kuniyoshi's Cats 

Cat enthusiasts, this one's for you! Uncover the world of Utagawa Kuniyoshi's 'Cats Suggested as the 53 Stations of Tokaido' with this 258-piece wooden jigsaw puzzle. Its straight edge, grid design, and whimsical cat-shaped pieces by Tara Flannery offers a delightful challenge that will satisfy the curiosity of every cat lover.

 Cheshire Cat

Enter Wonderland with the Cheshire Cat. This puzzle showcases an illustration by the neosurrealist Sergey Tyukanov, accompanied by Maria Berg's whimsy pieces inspired by Alice in Wonderland. With a straight edge and a moderate difficulty level, this puzzle is sure to captivate both cat lovers and puzzle enthusiasts.

Belling The Cat

Unleash your inner puzzle pro with 'Belling the Cat' by Scott Gustafson. This puzzle offers a formidable challenge with its abundance of similar browns, connectors, themed whimsies, and an irregular edge. Gear up for a cat-ivating and rewarding puzzle experience!

Kaleidoscope Cat

Embrace the art of puzzle-solving with a touch of cat magic! Explore Louis Wain's artwork paired with Chandler Millwood's 466-piece wooden jigsaw puzzle design that is way more challenging than it looks. It features curvy piece shapes, an irregular edge, and just a smattering of whimsical cat-themed pieces.

Family House

Experience the charm of Tomasz Pietrzyk's 'Family House' with its house cats as a delightful 185-piece wooden jigsaw puzzle! The puzzle pieces have quirky curves and an irregular edge. 


 Lullaby For Lions

Relax into a Rousseau universe with Kathryn Freeman's 'Lullaby for Lions', our 363-piece wooden jigsaw puzzle with Big Cats (aka lions) lounging in the living room. 


11. Self Portrait

This 289-piece wooden jigsaw puzzle features Valentin Rekunenko's 'Self Portrait', with his signature cat.

Following the portrait theme, the puzzle design has many etched celebrity portraits (can you guess them all?). There are also playful cat whimsies, intricate knob connectors, and an exclusive connectorless multi-piece whimsy. 


Louis Wain's Cat Town Races

Race to fun with our charming 75-piece wooden jigsaw puzzle, 'Cat Town Races' by Louis Wain. Square pieces with knob and cat-head shaped connectors, and a sprinkle of friendly fluffy whimsies.


Iris Scott's Tiger Fire

Aren't all cats tigers in their mind? This 306 piece wooden jigsaw puzzle, is the finger-painted artwork 'Tiger Fire' by Iris Scott.

Fancy feline and tiger-adjacent animal whimsies, accompanied by an active irregular outer edge. While most of the puzzle uses typical knob connectors, a substantial connectorless section adds an extra layer of complexity.

Rekunenko's Untitled  - New

A sober 400-piece wooden jigsaw puzzle by Ukrainian artist Valentine Rekunenko, painted during the challenging Russian occupation of his hometown Tokmak, Ukraine in 2022.

The puzzle has realistic and surrealist figurative pieces inspired by the artwork's themes and the Russian-Ukraine conflict.


Roch Urbaniak's Ulthar

This circular wooden jigsaw puzzle of a mystical landscape has 136 pieces, and a cosmic cat by Polish artist Roch Urbaniak.

The puzzle design offers a challenging twist with irregular split tendril connectors and a touch of whimsy. While it may pose a puzzle-solving challenge, the clean circular edge and captivating imagery make it an ideal introduction to split tendril connector pieces, if you are ready for a new type of challenge.


 Advent Calendar

Unwrap holiday delight with our 182-piece puzzle featuring 12 cheerful mini holiday scenes in a festive wreath, a couple of the mini-scenes feature Christmas cats. Packaged as an Advent Calendar Puzzle, solve it over six days, revealing cute animal-themed holiday images. Designed by Matt Lyon, it offers a mix of knob connectors, whimsical pieces, and holiday-themed surprises for a joyful puzzling experience.


Tea Bath

Savor a moment of tranquility with our 210-piece wooden jigsaw puzzle with a charming image by Seattle artist Stasia Burrington.

Designed for relaxation, it's some relaxing "me-time" with grooming-themed whimsies, simple square pieces, and a mostly straight-edge design.


Iris Scott The Discussion

Discover the artistry of fingerpainter Iris Scott with our 197-piece Ecru wooden jigsaw puzzle, featuring "The Discussion." Designed by Tara Flannery and Maelynn Hann, it offers a unique challenge with thoughtful, uniquely-shaped pieces, a decorative edge, and a matte finish to reduce glare—all part of our distinctive Ecru puzzles line. Enjoy an average level of difficulty in this captivating puzzle experience.


Computer Catastrophes

Delve into the whimsical world of Randal Spangler with our 182-piece wooden jigsaw puzzle, bringing his artwork "Computer Catastrophes" to life. Designed by Jef Bambas, it boasts bright colors, square-ish pieces, and an abundance of whimsies, making it a cheerful and enjoyable puzzle that's easier than average.


Rekunenko Swordfight

Embark on an epic battle with our thrilling 439-piece wooden jigsaw puzzle, portraying a clash between swordsmen and cats by Ukrainian painter Valentin Rekunenko. Designed by Matt Lyon, this puzzle brings a twist with three non-unique connectors, adding an enjoyable challenge. With delightful themed whimsies and a clean straight edge, it's a captivating adventure into a highly-detailed world of artistry.


Arreguin Jaguars (Diptych)

Another big cat puzzle adventure with our 505-piece wooden diptych puzzle, showcasing the mesmerizing art of Seattle's own Alfredo Arreguin.

Designed by Tara Flannery and Maria Berg, this puzzle has a unique Mayan-theme, with its round knob connectors and straight edge, offers a satisfyingly challenging experience without reaching our hardest level.


Roch Urbaniak Unexpected Visitor

Explore our 303-piece wooden jigsaw puzzle featuring 'Unexpected Visitor' by Roch Urbaniak. Designed by David Figueiras, this astronomically cool puzzle boasts knob and star connectors, a partly-irregular edge, and a sprinkle of themed whimsies, offering a delightful and average-level challenge.



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