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Artifact Puzzles - Six Days Of Holiday Cheer Advent Calendar Puzzle

Artifact Puzzles - Six Days Of Holiday Cheer Advent Calendar Puzzle

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New 2022!

This special 182 piece puzzle has 12 cheerful mini holiday images (only two of which are shown) nestled in a holiday wreath with an irregular edge. 

Inside the wood box, the puzzle is separated into six red-gold-green bags marked Day 1, Day 2, ... Day 6, each bag has around 30 pieces of the puzzle, making this an Advent Calendar Puzzle you can put together over 6 days as you ramp up to Christmas or your version of the holidays. 

To keep this puzzle from being too easy, we are only showing you 2 of the 12 mini-images, and the box will also only show you the 2 images (so this is partly a "mystery puzzle"). All 12 images feature cute animals enjoying the holidays. 

(This holiday puzzle is designed to be enjoyable by everyone. For a religious Christmas puzzle, check out our Adoration of the Magi).

Overall this puzzle is of average difficulty if you do it 30 pieces at a time as packaged because each set of 30 pieces mostly connects together. But if you dump all the pieces out and do them all at once, this puzzle would be a bit harder than average. 

The puzzle design by Matt Lyon has square-ish pieces on a circular grid with knob connectors  and some whimsical connectors, and a sleigh-full of holiday whimsies, from snowmen to Santa Claus to teddy bears to ice skaters!

Re-pack different chunks of puzzles in tbe six bags for a different experience next December!

Creating the artwork was a team effort of Jim Muller, Gary Hertel, Matt Lyon, and Maya Gupta using DALL-E AI.  An extra thanks to Gary Hertel for suggesting we do an advent puzzle!

Like all our puzzles, laser-cut from 1/4" thick wood, and Made In USA.

Packaged in a pine wood box with sliding lid. 


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Name: Jessica
Review: I really enjoyed doing this puzzle! I meant to do it over the six days before Christmas but ended up doing it in one session instead. It was too cute! I had to see the whole thing together! I loved the artwork, the pieces, even the smell of the box it came in. I can't wait to get another Artifact puzzle!
Name: Eileen
Review: This was my first Artifact puzzle and it was amazing! I loved the surprises and the customer service can't be beat.

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