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Best Puzzles for Boat Lovers

Our factory is in Port Townsend, Washington, famous for its wooden boat festival and wooden boat artisans, so we thought we'd highlight our fleet of boat puzzles.  If you're enchanted...

Our factory is in Port Townsend, Washington, famous for its wooden boat festival and wooden boat artisans, so we thought we'd highlight our fleet of boat puzzles. 

If you're enchanted by the allure of the open sea and find yourself mesmerized by the majesty of boats, then these boat puzzles are ready for your next puzzling voyage!


This 150-piece puzzle showcasing Joaquin Sorolla's "Valencia" effortlessly evokes the maritime spirit in everyone. Packed with delightful maritime-themed whimsies, it promises a sea of enjoyment! With a straight edge and moderate level of difficulty, it offers a balanced challenge for puzzle enthusiasts.


Sailing Round The Mount

This vibrant 256-piece wooden jigsaw puzzle features British artist Claire Henley's painting, 'Sailing Round The Mount,' adorned with numerous themed whimsies set against a bright seascape.

Its simple straight edge and reverse-mushroom curl connectors may seem straightforward, but they belie the underlying complexity of the design.



This 136-piece wooden puzzle showcases Raoul Dufy's 1907 artwork depicting boats. With its irregular edge and absence of whimsy pieces, the puzzle offers a heightened level of complexity compared to others of similar size. No whimsies, but all the pieces are like little boats. 


Dancing Boats

This 111-piece wooden jigsaw puzzle highlights Hayley Lever's oil painting "Dancing Boats Marblehead." Featuring distinctive waving swirl pieces and whimsies inspired by docks, it boasts an irregular edge for added intrigue.


Dragon Boat Festival

This puzzle is designed by Marcelle Jay Iremedio from our Ecru line, which means a matte finish to minimize glare. It consists of 463 pieces and features irregular, curvy shapes, numerous themed whimsies, and sizable multi-piece whimsies.

Its hand-drawn irregular edge adds a unique challenge, making it difficult to distinguish the edge pieces.



This 325-piece wooden puzzle showcases Van Gogh's "Fishing Boats," featuring whimsy pieces inspired by the sea and an edge shaped like waves, designed by Zak Erving. The 1888 painting's official title is "Vissersboten bij Les Saintes-Maries-de-la-Mer (Fishing Boats at Saintes Maries de la Mer).


Port Of New York 1927

This 176-piece wooden jigsaw puzzle features a 1927 Port of New York painting by Maurice Denis. Designed by Chandler Millwood, it includes themed pieces like boat and buoy connectors, along with straight edges.



This 231-piece wooden puzzle features Roch Urbaniak's "Hansa" painting and is designed by Chandler Millwood and Jef Bambas.

It includes chain-like circle pieces for a challenging fit and boasts a natural decorative edge. The puzzle uses slightly larger pieces, ensuring durability.



This 136-piece circular wooden puzzle features a cosmic landscape with a cat and a floating rowboat, painted by Roch Urbaniak.

Designed by Tara Flannery, it challenges puzzlers with irregular split tendril connectors and occasional placement difficulties.

Despite its complexity, the clear circular edge and varied image details make it an accessible introduction to our challenging split tendril connector pieces.


Night Ship

This 283-piece wooden puzzle displays a captivating artwork by Mexican artist Nadiezda, with puzzle design by Kathryn Flocken.

Highlighting sea-themed whimsy pieces like puffer fish and axolotls, it features star-shaped and rounded knob connectors. The irregular, starry-edged design adds an extra layer of difficulty compared to standard puzzles.


Fisherman Cottage

This 158-piece wooden jigsaw puzzle showcases American artist Allen Gilbert Cram's vibrant post-impressionist seascape, part of our Ecru Puzzles line. Designed by David Figueras, the puzzle boasts a triangular structure and includes whimsical pieces that harmonize beautifully with the artwork's cheerful aesthetic.


Poets By A Winding Stream

Tiny, paper boats awaken the inner child of even wise old poets!  This 140-piece puzzle presents a challenge due to its limited variety of beautiful bannister connectors, requiring keen attention to detail when fitting the pieces together. The design by Matt Lyon features themed whimsies, slightly oversized square pieces, and boasts a straight edge, enhancing its complexity.


Summer Beach

This 171-piece wooden jigsaw puzzle captures the cheery essence of summer with its folk art depiction of a diverse group relishing a sunny beach day. Featuring beach-themed whimsies designed by Matt Lyon and uniquely shaped knob connectors crafted by Chandler Millwood.


Sea At Saintes-Maries

This 211-piece wooden puzzle showcases a renowned seascape by Vincent Van Gogh. The puzzle boasts a scalloped border and includes sea-inspired whimsical pieces crafted by Tara Flannery.


Happy Harbor

This 281-piece wooden jigsaw puzzle features Angie Rees' vibrant artwork, "Happy Harbor." The puzzle is filled with delightful and playful pieces designed by David Figueiras. With a straight edge and an abundance of imaginative whimsies, it captures the unique charm of this lively harbor scene.


Langs De Oever

This 134-piece wooden jigsaw puzzle showcases Ton Schulten's renowned artwork, "Langs De Oever." Designed by Tara Flannery, the puzzle features cloud and seaweed-shaped pieces along with various whimsical elements.


Fishing Village

This 254-piece wooden puzzle shows a wild nature scene by Los Angeles artist Joe Vaux. Vaux also created fun sea monster-shaped pieces for the puzzle. It's great for family or friends to solve together, or you can enjoy it on your own. The puzzle has a straight edge and is of average difficulty.


Watching The Tide

This 166-piece Ecru wooden puzzle features Winslow Homer's artwork, "Watching the Tide." Part of our Ecru puzzles collection, it has a unique close-cut design and matte finish to minimize glare. Designed by Jef Bambas, the puzzle includes wavy pieces and special whimsical shapes that match the artwork.



This 72-piece wooden puzzle showcases Varangians, Nordic river pirates related to Vikings, in a painting by Nicholas Roerich from 1901. Created by Seattle artist Tara Flannery, the puzzle includes river-themed whimsical shapes and features a straight edge.


Flotilla Before Algiers

This 440-piece wooden puzzle showcases the 19th-century classical artwork "Flotilla before Algiers" by Carl Ludwig Hofmeister. Designed by Gema Palacios and David Figueiras, the puzzle features a playful irregular edge, themed whimsies, distinct shapes for each piece, and a range of connectors.


Tiki Misadventure

This 540-piece wooden puzzle showcases "Tiki Misadventure" by Eric Joyner. Designed by Jef Bambas, the puzzle boasts an irregular edge, diverse connectors, and over 20 themed whimsies and unique pieces, offering a captivating Polynesian vibe.


Lotus Lilies

This 329-piece wooden puzzle showcases Charles Courtney Curran's watercolor painting "Lotus Lilies." Designed by Jef Bambas, the puzzle offers larger pieces, irregular edges, and intricate multi-piece whimsies, making it of average difficulty.



This 242-piece wooden puzzle features the folk art piece "Seaside" by British artist Gordon Barker. Designed by David Figueiras, the puzzle offers simple square-shaped pieces, numerous beach and ocean-themed whimsies, a straight edge, and diverse connectors, making it easy to solve.



This 262-piece laser-cut wooden puzzle showcases "Islander" by Rachell Sumpter, featuring subtle colors and intricate details of migrating people. Designed by Amy Tang and Danny Song, the puzzle includes extra-large, curvy fancy pieces inspired by master-cutter John Stokes, along with themed whimsies. With an irregular border, the puzzle offers an average level of difficulty.


Porquerolles Afternoon

This 357-piece wooden puzzle features "Porquerolles Afternoon" by French Fauvist painter Albert Marquet. Designed by Meredith Fields, the puzzle offers uniquely shaped and varied pieces, thematic whimsies, including some multi-piece ones, and a slightly irregular edge, enhancing its appeal.



This 302-piece Ecru wooden puzzle showcases "Martigues" by Nico Klopp. As part of our Ecru puzzles collection, it features a close-cut design and matte finish to minimize glare. Designed by Amy Tang, the puzzle includes harbor-themed whimsies and a distinctive edge with patterned pieces scattered semi-regularly. The puzzle offers a moderate level of difficulty, perhaps slightly above average.



This 76-piece wooden puzzle highlights a 17th-century Dutch Baroque maritime painting by Abraham Storck, depicting whalers in the Arctic confronting polar bears. Designed by Tara Flannery, a Seattle artist, the puzzle includes multi-piece marine mammal whimsies. It features a straight edge and offers an average level of difficulty.


Dunne Estates

This 423-piece wooden puzzle features a steampunk-inspired fantasy landscape by Tom Kidd from his Gnemo series. Designed by Tara Flannery, the puzzle includes numerous whimsical pieces that align with the theme of the image, along with a variety of connector shapes. With a straight edge, the puzzle offers an average level of difficulty.


Message In A Bottle

This 296-piece wooden puzzle showcases Joe Vaux's artwork, "Message in a Bottle." Designed by Tara Flannery, the puzzle includes themed whimsical pieces and skeleton bone connectors. Despite having a straight edge, this puzzle presents a higher level of difficulty compared to an average puzzle.


Crossing the River Styx

Dive into this 168-piece wooden puzzle showcasing Joachim Patinir's "Crossing the River Styx." Crafted by Matt Lyon, the puzzle boasts Greek-inspired pillar-shaped pieces, mythological whimsies, and a straight edge.

While the pieces and connectors are non-unique, the challenge level edges just above average. You're bound to have an "underworldly" good time with this one!


Oarsmen At Chatou

Jump into a 297-piece wooden puzzle featuring Renoir's 1879 masterpiece, "The Oarsmen at Chatou." Designed by Seattle artist Tara Flannery, the puzzle showcases a swirly cut style reminiscent of our Klimt Hope puzzle. This puzzle offers an average level of difficulty, making it an enjoyable challenge for art enthusiasts!


Noah Ark

Embark on a 232-piece wooden jigsaw puzzle showcasing "Noah's Ark" by French artist Marie Amalia. With a straight edge, this puzzle falls on the easier side given its piece count. Designed by Gema Palacios and David Figueiras, the puzzle features square-ish shapes, varied connectors, and a delightful array of themed whimsies, adding a playful touch to your puzzling experience!

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