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Re-thinking Our Categories: Are Penguins Birds or Animals?

We've re-made our "Puzzles by Artwork" page to hopefully make it easier for people to find the puzzles they want.

One big change is before we just had one big Animals category, but we've split off birds and butterflies, and tried to make Animals just animals.

Forcing us to answer the challenging question: are penguins animals or birds? Okay, yes, technically penguins are birds, but are they really? Doesn't this penguin puzzle look more like animals?


Another big change is we've merged our fantasy categories down to just two categories:

Fanciful for imaginative artwork with positive energy, like Ode to a Zen Koan:


And then for those who enjoy a romp on the dark side of Fantasy, we have the category Monsters and Dragons and Skeletons

We've also added a new category for People focused artwork, like the Edward Hopper Chop Suey:


And we've now got a new Kid-friendly page.


Check out all the changes on our Puzzles by Artwork page, which you can get to anytime by clicking Artwork on our home page.

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