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....And We're Back!

You guys have been sending emails asking "When are new puzzles coming out?" and "Why no blog posts?"

Well, things just got a bit insane for a while. Our creative folks (including me!) needed a break to deal with all the other big stuff in Life. Our manufacturing folks needed to get caught up and re-organize and we've added another laser to help keep everything in stock. And it's taken us more time than we'd like to figure out the tools and tricks with this new website.

But now I'm excited to say We're Back!  

We've got 4 new puzzles shipping or coming very soon: the new Roesen Flowers is now in-stock. The new Monet Parasol puzzles are cut and ready to ship (should be available online in about 2 weeks). We're starting to the cut the new Kevin Sloan The Worrier, and the new Karla Gerard Evening Stars is in beta-test:

We'll be trying to blog a lot more to keep you posted on cool new stuff, including more details about each of these upcoming puzzles, so watch this space for news and fun.


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