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All Puzzles Now Shipping With Picture On the Box!

Last spring we switched to putting the box-labels inside the box for our wood box puzzles, rather than glued to the top of the box.

We got enough negative feedback on that change that we are switching back.

All puzzles that are ordered today or later will arrive with the box sticker on-top of the box.

Thank you everyone who took the time to share their thoughts on this matter.

We are working on getting the product photos changed-back to show pictures on the wood boxes to match this change.

Note: there are some of you who really preferred having the box sticker inside the box. Until our current inventory runs out, many puzzles will ship with a box sticker both inside the box and on top of the box. But in the long-run, we don't expect to be able to do both. 

We also heard from many of you that you would like a much larger picture inside the box. We considered that carefully. But our cost analysis on that it is that we'd need to raise prices by $2-3 per puzzle to cover the extra costs of that (which many people will not like), and we would need to re-negotiate all our image licenses as we do not currently have the right to print "posters" of many of our contemporary images.  So sadly, we don't expect to be able to provide larger pictures inside the box.

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  • Scott on

    Have you considered laser engraving the cover?

    For some puzzles like “The Great Wave” it might look very sharp. Enough detail to know where a group of pieces go, but not enough to know where any individual piece goes.

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