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A Story about Shelf Stability

We think one of the key advantages of our Hoefnagel Puzzle Club (which is a private library for wooden jigsaw puzzles) is that you do more puzzles and use less shelf space.

But it turns out there are also dangers of keeping a lot of puzzles on a shelf, as we found out when a customer emailed us this sad story:

I love your puzzles. I own 20. Garden of Earthly Delights is my favorite. 

I have kids. The puzzles are all on a shelf.

Alice climbed ON the shelf, it broke.

The puzzle boxes all fell, some opened.

The puzzle pieces went EVERYWHERE.

It was an epic fail. Just so funny. 

Here is the adorable munchkin Alice responsible for this shenanigan:

(Awesome photo by Nicole Seguin Photography of San Francisco)

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  • Hronir Jones on

    Adorable. If that’s the least trouble your kids cause, you’re in luck!

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