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A Salute to our Puzzle-makers!

It's December 11, and amazingly, we are not yet out-of-stock despite record-high demand!

Back in October, our projections were we would be completely out of stock by December 7. We usually start making puzzles for Xmas season the May before: it usually takes us about 1 week of puzzle-making to have enough puzzles for 1 day of holiday season sales. 

The fact that we still have a few puzzles to share with you is due to the incredibly hard and persistent work by our team of puzzle-makers, who have been working 7 days a week, 24 hours a day, to try to meet the increased demand for puzzles caused by covid restrictions. 

Worse, starting back when covid hit California hard last spring, we imposed new covid-safe policies that everyone has to wear masks and gloves in the building, and stay very socially-distanced from their co-workers. That makes for a much less comfortable, and frankly, lonelier, work environment. 

We salute our puzzle-makers for embracing these onerous covid policies and keeping our team safe (so far, so good, fingers crossed!), and yet somehow managing to produce a record number of puzzles this year (which will be reflected in record year-end bonuses). 

While we it looks like we are now almost out-of-stock, we are working 24/7 this month too, and will have many new and popular puzzles back in-stock this winter to help bring some spots of cheer and stress-relief during these hard times.

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  • barbara bernard on

    You puzzle-makers are also the support workers who help us get through this pandemic….our mental health is benefitted by the wonderful puzzles that you produce. Thank you.

  • sszelc on

    Thank you puzzle makers!!! I am indebted to you. Your skill and work has brought me equilibrium, peace, and much needed escape during these most difficult pandemic times. Thank you. I appreciate each and every one of you.

  • Brenda Johnson on

    Thank you puzzle team for your hard work and dedication! I’m an ICU nurse and my favorite thing to do after a shift is work on a puzzle!

  • Greer G. on

    Praise the puzzle-makers! Praise them with great praise!

  • Barb on

    Stay safe, everybody…we appreciate your efforts!!!

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