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A Dangerous Gift!

We at Artifact Puzzles do not condone giving dangerous gifts for Christmas, but this is a story from a family that did.

They put a very clear warning on the box: a danger sign depicting a bear  and a note inside saying:

Wow! You really opened this box knowing there might be bears inside? Didn't you see the warning? There's bears inside!

Inside THAT box was another box with a further warning:

Really? You opened that one too? I'm not kidding around here! There's bears inside! You'd best turn back now!

Fortunately, I was feeling extra cautious and included another backup box! Can't be too careful when there’s bears around!

The thrill-seeking recipient who opened that box then saw another note:

Wow, aren't you brave! Well lucky for you, I've managed to break the Polar Bears apart into lots of tiny pieces! No need to fear the bears now!

It's not like someone would think of putting them back together again, would they?

Bears broken into pieces? That's puzzling, but maybe you've figured out by now that our polar bear express puzzle was the present inside all those boxes!

Special thanks to the Hertel Family for sharing this delightful wrapping story and photo with us.


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  • Shani on

    It reminds me of The Monster at the End of This Book!

  • sszelc on

    This is so creative!!! Love it!!! Thanks for sharing!!!

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