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97 Year Old Cheats And Looks At Photo

We don't usually show the irregular edges on our box stickers, to increase the challenge and surprise factor of our puzzles.

In fact, when we first come out with new puzzles, we usually don't show the irregular edge even online, so our harder-core customers can have a real challenge. 

But not everyone needs that much challenge.

Yasuo Kishimoto, born in 1925, sailed through the middle part of the Klimt Kiss, but asked for a print-out to get through all its fancy all-green spiraly edge! 

Tip: If you need a bigger print-out showing an irregular edge for a puzzle, go to the product page, then use Open Image In New Tab (on a Mac, put your mouse on top of the product image you want, then press Control and click to open a mouse-menu, and click Open Image In New Tab). 

Here's that link with a big image of the Klimt Kiss fancy edge if anyone else wants it!

Also, a sincere apology to our customers and a big thanks to Kishimoto-san for catching that our stated piece count for the Klimt Kiss was wrong at 338 pieces. It's really 334 pieces and we've corrected that now online. 

Yasuo and his wife Keiko lived many years in the Bay Area, but are now in Japan. (You can get our puzzles shipped to Japan for a $50 flat fee any size order)

May we all be this good a puzzler at 97!

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  • Keiko Nakajima on

    A great article❣️ He is inspired more and his next challenge is “The Scream” by Munch.

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