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What Shag Painting Would Make a Great Puzzle?

We're considering licensing a couple images from the famous contemporary modernist artist Shag.

Shag is famous for his LA-cool Tiki-vibe architecturally-explicit modernist art.

Here are a few images we're considering, will put some into the usual survey that pops up after you buy a puzzle, but do email us at artifactpuzzles@gmail.comif there's a particular Shag image you'd like to see as a puzzle:

Tiki Room

Board Meeting (pictured below)

Predators and Prey (pictured below)

Summer of 69 (pictured below)


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  • CJ on

    Palm Springs After Noon has my vote!!!! Please let me know when this will happen?

  • Stephanie on

    Definitely the Ramones image!

  • Melissa on

    These are awesome – have you chosen one yet? Personally, I love the Tiki Room …!

  • Jeanne on

    Palm Springs After Noon…PLEASE

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