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New Puzzle! Joe Vaux's Season of the Rabbit

Joe Vaux's Season of the Rabbit shows a focused white rabbit astride a mean tortoise hunting scared natives. We asked Joe Vaux how he got the idea, and he told us,


"All my life I have felt a deep sadness for the way humans treat the other creatures of the planet.  Every once in a while I paint images where the animal kingdom in my head is allowed bloody vengeance. Season of the Rabbit is my version of the English fox hunt turned inside out."  


For me,  it's a tightly-composed comical tragedy that illustrates the power of co-operation over competition through the tortoise and the hare metaphor.  


We had Tara Flannery design the pieces for this one, and she created a playful style that combines influences of John Stokes (see our Four Color Map puzzles) with whimsical pieces and connectors that imitate Joe Vaux's monsters.

We are pleased to tell you one of our beta-testers deemed this "Possibly your most fun puzzle yet." 

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