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Our newest puzzle: Narwhal Rain

Why is Bill Carman's "Narwhal Rain" painting so compelling? I think it's the unexpected idea of narwhals falling out of the sky, coupled with how the pedestrians seem to be thinking "Narwhal rain? Again?".

Funny how fast we get used to even amazing things. 

Speaking of one person's excitement being another's routine,  ever wonder what those 911 operators are doing when they aren't handling crises? Customer J.C. tells us:  

I work night shift for 9-1-1 and I was showing a co-worker your website, and I was showing him the next puzzle I want which is the Narwhal puzzle.  It was 03:00 am and we were arguing over whether narwhals are real.  He didn't believe it till I showed him articles by the Smithsonian and National Geographic.  He thought they were a myth, and thought the pictures were photo shopped.  Thanks for the entertainment in the wee hours!

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