Stumpcraft Puzzles - Steve Coffey Morning Wooden Jigsaw Puzzle

$ 139.00


This is 595 piece wooden jigsaw puzzle made by Stumpcraft Puzzles in Canada will transport you. Stumpcraft Puzzles are cut from 1/4” Eco Gold MDF and they print their images directly on the wood resulting in rich colors with a matte finish (low glare). 

Each Stumpcraft puzzle is unique, with a puzzle design themed to each puzzle by owner Jasen Robillard. The puzzle has a hearty helping of whimsies and very large multi-piece whimsies, themed to the rural countryside and farm life. This puzzle has curvy spindly pieces that connect in diverse ways, and a straight edge. 

This puzzle is really hard.

Made in Canada.

Dimensions: 46cm x 30cm

More About The Artwork: 'Morning' was painted at the beginning of the 2020 pandemic. Steve describes it as an attempt to capture the shift of seasons and a metaphorical call to accept the swirl and chaos of change, while also embracing the warmth and safety of being “home”. 

“I believe tempo is embedded in our conscious landscape and the physical heart forever reminds us. Musicality directs holistically; it's just whether or not we are willing to listen for it and in turn utilize it to problem solve - aka: create. Essentially this is who I am.” - Steve Coffey

More About The Artist: Steve Coffey is a family man, front porch philosopher, sky watcher, careful observer of light and illustion, and perhaps above all, an eschewer of labels. These predispositions allow him to be an open & artful storyteller through his musical craft as well as his moody, elemental impressionist oil paintings. He has exhibited extensively and his work can be found in private and public collections throughout North America and Europe. Steve and his family live in the small Southern Alberta town of Vulcan.

Manufacturer recommended age: 15 years and up

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Name: Michael Brandt
Review: I really liked this one. I was a bit dubious about the image before I decided to buy it but it grew on me during the construction. It strikes me as a very desolate and forlorn image, not at all a place I would like to live, but I’m sure others would love those wide open spaces. The puzzle is superbly made - the pieces fit very snugly together, the painting directly on the wood gives an image quality noticeably superior to images on a piece of paper glued to the wood substrate, the pieces themselves are wildly elaborate and cunningly designed to mislead you. There’s nothing simple about the edges for example: they’re straight but I doubt you’ll be able to sort out the majority of the edge pieces when you’re getting started since there are plenty of interior straight segments. There’s a small picture on one end of the box but none on the cover, however there is a large picture inside the box if you choose to look at it. The box is cardboard but very sturdy. One of the long sides is a flap to hold it closed with magnets. There are fitted foam pads for the top and bottom of the interior to protect the pieces. I couldn’t help comparing this to one of those multi thousand dollar Stave puzzles I did recently. There was nothing about that puzzle or it’s packaging that in any way suggested anything like superior quality or a luxury product but this has the aura of a really high quality product in all respects. I found it of average difficulty overall but it was a very pleasurable solving experience and is a long term keeper for sure.