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Artifact Puzzles - Sandi Rigby Tree of Wisdom Wooden Jigsaw Puzzle

Artifact Puzzles - Sandi Rigby Tree of Wisdom Wooden Jigsaw Puzzle

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This is a delightful 68-piece puzzle of Sandi Rigby's Tree of Wisdom. The focus of the puzzle design by Jef Bambas is on the most prominent parts of the art - the owls and the tree. With a whimsical irregular edge, leaf-shaped piece connectors, and over a dozen whimsies - most of which are different varieties of owl - the puzzle is a jam-packed joy to solve.

Its difficulty rating is harder-than-average for its piece count. 

Like all our puzzles, made with 1/4" thick wood and the pieces are laser-cut.


Packaged in our small blue box with a magnetic clasp.


Made in USA.

6.5" by 7.25"

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Name: Gail D.
Review: I am a relative "newbie" to Artifact Puzzles after being introduced to them by a co-worker. I own a dozen and have assembled about two dozen, thanks to ones loaned to me by that same co-worker. Even tho it's rather small, Tree of Wisdom is one of my favorites - not too complex, not too easy, and not so big I can't complete it in a reasonable length of time. I love the whimsies and other unexpected elements. It's so lovely I'd like to frame it - except then I couldn't loan it to my co-worker! Gail D.
Name: Jeremy
Review: Finally got to sit down and write about this hidden treasure of Artifact! What a wonderful surprise!! Actually, multiple surprises in this one. It doesn't take too long due to its size, but what it becomes in the end and the number of whimsies involved sure make it fun! This is easily one of my very favorites!!
Name: susan kaput
Review: This little gem of a puzzle is sheer delight. From the plethora of whimsies to several surprising surprises! My 2 granddaughters (ages 6 and 10) put this together the other day and both declared it to be the best puzzle ever! We just loved it - will be ordering several more come holiday season; a perfect intro to wooden puzzles.
Name: slugbiker
Review: another delightful little puzzle. and packed full of owls! a joy.
Name: Timothy Wright
Review: Sometimes I feel like the guy asked to judge a wine tasting contest that shows up holding his jumbo cherry coke. What would Carl Jung, Picasso or Socrates say about this puzzle? Honestly I don’t know. So I’ll share my very limited and inarticulate opinion. I have 93 Artifact puzzles, this is among my favorites. It is tiny, only 68 pieces, an exceeding clever design, has a wealth of whimsical pieces percentage wise. And it is more like speed chess than other more deliberative puzzles. Not so much easy as doable. For me it flew together, maybe 20 minutes? But what an exuberating 20 minutes! The border isn’t what you might expect, at all. It very seldom is with Artifact puzzles. All the leaf matching reminded me of Jeyselle Solentiname’s Jungle (also Artifact) but thankfully one-fifth the size. Finish the tree trunk, and finish the owls, fill in the rest by pattern matching and your done. It is fast and very gratifying. At this price point, the tree of wisdom is great gift (for your self) or anyone you love. Sometimes the delight of doing a puzzle is less a function of difficulty than the joy of discovery. This puzzle was so immersive and engaging. I don’t do puzzle to affirm my virility or write reviews to prove my wit (obviously). I do puzzle to have fun. I got a whole lot of fast paced fun, very rare for an Artifact puzzle, and it was a riot of fun for me.

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