Mr Gogo Puzzles - Boriana Encheva The Roller Coaster Hand-cut Wooden Jigsaw Puzzle

$ 549.00


This roughly 550 piece wooden jigsaw puzzle is hand-cut from thick 5-ply quarter-inch thick birch wood by Georgi Vasilev of Mr. Gogo Puzzles at his studio in the Rhodope Mountains in Bulgaria.  The artwork by Boriana Encheva was custom-made for Mr. Gogo Puzzles.

Each puzzle is unique, and so the piece count for any given puzzle will vary between 540-600 pieces. 

The puzzle has an irregular edge as shown, lots of drop-outs, and some color-line cutting. 

The piece shapes are curvy and irregular with beautiful knob connectors. This puzzle has some whimsies cut to match the image. 

Overall the puzzle is a bit harder than average for its piece count. 

As is traditional for hand-cut puzzles, this puzzle does NOT have a picture on the box!

Packaged in a stiff cardboard box.

  • 12" x 28" wide
  • Made in Bulgaria
  • Hand-made

What If I Lose A Piece? If a piece gets lost, we can get a new piece made for $50 but we would need you to ship the surrounding pieces to us, and it may take a couple of months. 

Manufacturer recommended age: 15 years and up

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