Mr Gogo Puzzles - Fruity Circle Hand-cut Wooden Jigsaw Puzzle

$ 145.00


This roughly 115 piece wooden jigsaw puzzle is hand-cut from thick 5-ply quarter-inch thick birch wood by Georgi Vasilev of Mr. Gogo Puzzles at his studio in the Rhodope Mountains in Bulgaria. 

Each puzzle is unique, and so the piece count for any given puzzle will vary between 110-130 pieces. 

The puzzle has a decorative irregular edge and drop-outs in the center as shown.

The piece shapes are curvy and irregular with beautiful knob connectors. There are no whimsies. Overall the puzzle is average hard for its piece count. 

As is traditional for hand-cut puzzles, this puzzle does NOT have a picture on the box!

Packaged in a stiff cardboard box.

  • 11 inches diameter
  • Made in Bulgaria
  • Hand-made

What If I Lose A Piece? If a piece gets lost, we can get a new piece made for $50 but we would need you to ship the surrounding pieces to us, and it may take a couple of months. 

Manufacturer recommended age: 15 years and up

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