Artifact Puzzles - Justin Hillgrove Mad Tea Party Wooden Jigsaw Puzzle

$ 50.00


This 206 piece wooden jigsaw puzzle is a painting of the Mad Hatter's endless tea party by Seattle artist Justin Hillgrove. The puzzle has Alice-in-Wonderland whimsy pieces, designed by Seattle artist Jimmy Farmer. To see example pieces, click on the small pictures below the big picture above. Pieces are slightly larger than standard puzzle pieces. This puzzle has a straight edge, and is a bit easier than average. Made in USA with 1/4" wood and packaged in a blue box with a magnetic clasp.

  • 206 pieces
  • 15" x 8"
  • laser cut wooden jigsaw puzzle
  • Made in USA

    Manufacturer recommended age: 15 years and up

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Name: Rachel and Aaron Cato
Review: You can never go wrong with a cute Alice in Wonderland themed puzzle. The pieces were pretty big so if you have little ones, this is a great one for them to help you with. Or you could always hide it and work all alone! However you prefer to puzzle this one is a delight.
Name: Timothy Wright
Review: I now own 114 Artifact puzzles. I have learned that an Artifact need not be “Really Hard” to be really fun. There are plenty of very distinct colors and patterns to quickly finish the lower half of the puzzle. All the green background of the upper half is more difficult, but made easier by the very distinct edge pieces. I knocked the puzzle out in an easy 80 minutes. It was a fun engaging time. The artwork is fun the colors vibrant, did I mention the fun artwork? It is even better close up. Puzzles are my one big vice in life that causes me no regrets. I am in this for the fun. If all Artifact puzzles were either very easy or very hard I would have a more difficult time introducing others to the pastime. I’ll set this puzzle aside for some of the youngest members of my tribe. It is the perfect artwork and difficulty for Artifact Puzzles 101.
Name: Carole Duckett
Review: Quick and fun - a delightful scene with enough intricate and varied pieces to be maintain interest among adults and kids alike. Nothing is more whimsical than Alice and her story, and the whimsy pieces just add an extra layer of enjoyment to this piece. I've done it a few times and it always makes me smile!