Ecru Puzzles - Ton Dubbeldam Home In The Heart Of The Country Wooden Jigsaw Puzzle

$ 82.00


This is a lovely but challenging 273 piece wooden jigsaw puzzle of the painting Home In The Heart Of The Country by Ton Dubbeldam.

The puzzle pieces are a tessellation of two-handed spiral pieces, shape-wise these piece shapes are the slightly-easier little brother of our split tendril connector pieces, but we still rate this puzzle as really hard, but on the easier end of our hardest puzzles. 

A decorative irregular edge arises naturally from the piece shapes. This puzzle just has a single whimsy to keep it hard, but give that extra spark of joy. NOTE: The irregular edge is not shown in the image on the box!

This is from our Ecru line, which means the image is matte for less glare, so easier on the eyes, and the pieces are a bit closer-cut. 

Packaged in our standard unfinished pine wood box with sliding lid, small picture on top, and engraved side label. 

11.5" by 11.5"

Manufacturer recommended age: 15 years and up

Released December 2022

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Name: Puzzler, TN
Review: This ranks with the blue and white fishes as the hardest puzzles I have done. Very beautiful
Name: Tricia, CA
Review: Beautiful puzzle! If the pieces don't fit smoothly, something is in the wrong place (which is easy to do).
Name: Martha
Review: I admit, I was a little afraid of this puzzle. I was in an anxious mood and got into it more out of restlessness than anything. I started at the top with the blue and was amazed at how readily the upper part came together! Of course then … it started getting tough. But by this point I was hooked … and there was no option but to keep going. I worked on it over the course of a couple days. The puzzle was a struggle for sure, but it came at a time when I needed a sustained distraction so … perfect! It took time and focused determination to complete but was so worth it. After a forty hour labor of love … our precious Granddaughter was born! She will make her home in the heart of the country with her amazing parents. A serendipitous choice; I am grateful Artifact was there to help see me through. Allow me to assume the tiny figure in white is future Granddaughter. Beautiful puzzle. Beautiful girl!
Name: Rosemary
Review: I just loved every moment of putting this puzzle together. The matte finish, the closer cut and the shape of the pieces themselves.The border is beautiful. These puzzle shaped pieces I enjoyed tremendously. As Maya said this is hard but not the hardest.There is enough colour shading in the flowers to keep the puzzle moving along. I found the bottom half to be the challenge on my personal journey . Because the pieces are nearly the same style and the bottom section had to make me think harder because the colouring of the flowers was more challenging I got to the end and had two pieces left over and neither would fit in the spaces left over . I went on and adventure in the bottom part of the fields to find the culprit that caused the ruckus and gladly swapped him over with one of the pieces that would fit and everything fell into place. Not once did I want to pull my hair out ,but if I didn't find the piece that caused the commotion I may have considered it. Thankfully I found it on first run. Oh and the single whimsy in the puzzle. This couple are having a blast!! . Maya and the team have did it again. They never disappoint with their puzzles. A big thumbs up again.!!! This is a very creative puzzle. Has all the aspects that a puzzler enjoys doing. Keep up the wonderful work. This is definitely a puzzle I will do again and its a keeper. This puzzle is highly recommended for puzzlers who love the challenge of repeated shapes but not so hard where you get frustrated. Its very very achievable folks. Not super hard!! Give it ago , the finished picture and quality of the puzzle is beautiful.