Ecru Puzzles - Angie Rees Moolin Rouge Wooden Jigsaw Puzzle

$ 89.00


This  really hard, unique wooden jigsaw puzzle has 331 pieces of a charming painting of a steer by Canadian artist Angie Rees that has impressionist colors that make it surprisingly hard to place each piece.

The puzzle has lots of Wild West themed whimsies and an irregular edge with a  whimsical top edge with drop-outs. The pieces form a lattice of curvy irregular pieces connected by arrow-head connectors, with connectorless cowspot pieces that snuggle-up inside that lattice (see the picture for what we mean!).  Puzzle design by Amy Tang and Danny Song.

Our Ecru Puzzles have a matte finish to reduce glare, and the pieces are a bit closer-cut.  

Like all our puzzles, made of 1/4" thick laser-cut wood and made in the USA. Packaged in a blue box with a magnetic clasp.

12.5" by 8.75"

Manufacturer recommended age: 15 years and up

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Name: Diane, AZ
Review: “Loved the colors, and the border. I thought the face was hard!
Name: Daniel, PA
Review: Another fun one. The face of the animal is really hard!
Name: Michael Fox
Review: This puzzle rocks! The colors, the cut, and the art itself are delightful. I didn’t find it as hard as I expected but it was challenging enough to take a few nights of work. The bowl and the bird will absolutely mesmerize you! If you collect these puzzles as I do this one Hass to be in your library. It will brighten up your house.
Name: Diane D
Review: Did this as a mystery puzzle through Hoefnagel Puzzle Club. Wow what a fun and challenging experience! The design is beautiful with a delightful edge and a wonderful mix of connected and non-connector pieces. So satisfying as the image starts to emerge from the chaos. I loved this as a mystery puzzle, but it would be fantastic even without the mystery.
Name: Linda K
Review: Wow! This came to me as a Hoefnagel Puzzle Club mystery puzzle. What a treat! I loved every minute of doing it!