Ecru Puzzles - Heather Gauthier Sky Village Wooden Jigsaw Puzzle

$ 114.00


 A 409 piece wooden jigsaw puzzle of the lush Sky Village painting by Heather Gauthier. This is from our Ecru line, so the image is matte, and the puzzle is extra beautiful. 

The puzzle is average hard with a straight edge, irregular piece shapes, leaf and knob connectors, and decorative whimsies.  Puzzle design by Tara Flannery. 

Like all our puzzles, laser-cut from 1/4" thick wood.

Packaged in our 2" wood box with a small image of the puzzle on top, and engraved side label. 

Made in USA.

12" by 16" once completed. 

Note: This puzzle was the secret 2023 Speed Puzzle Pairs Contest puzzle, but for the contest version we did a decorative edge (it now has a straight edge).  If you want the version with the decorative edge, do NOT buy this, instead email us at to arrange a custom purchase of it, but note the decorative edge does cut-off quite a bit of the image detail, which is why we are selling it with a straight edge.

 Manufacturer recommended age: 15 years and up

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Name: Rachel and Aaron Cato
Review: We cannot say enough about this puzzle! You really don't want to hear what we were saying while working it though, LOL. Such a pretty puzzle and the decorative border for the speed puzzling contest was a nice touch. Definitely one our favorite images from Artifact!
Name: Ashley In Portland
Review: We did this puzzle as part of the pair contest (so had the whimsical edges). It was a huge hit with my teammates (my 5 year old son and 75 year old mother-in-law). Difficult enough for us elders to stay engaged and stymied, while enough color variety and distinct imagery to give the 5 year old a sense of accomplishment. I thought we were really zooming as compared to our usual pace until the winners clocked in at under 40 min! Still, our 2hr 58min completion time felt like a victory. Highly recommend this (and all Artifact puzzles, really) as a great way to foster multigenerational fun.