Artifact Puzzles - Degas Ballerinas Wooden Jigsaw Puzzle

$ 39.00


This is a 120 piece wooden jigsaw puzzle of one of many paintings of ballerinas by French impressionist Edgar Degas. The puzzle has 9 ballerina-shaped whimsy pieces by artist Tara Flannery (to see example pieces, click on the little picture underneath the image picture above). This puzzle has a straight edge and average difficulty. All our puzzles are 1/4" thick wood and made in the USA. Packaged in a small box with a magnetic clasp.

  • 120 pieces
  • 5" x 12"
  • laser-cut wooden jigsaw puzzle
  • Made in USA

    Manufacturer recommended age: 15 years and up
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    Name: Lisa
    Review: The dancers are gorgeous! Be super careful with this puzzle - delicate.
    Name: Lynn S.
    Review: Sorry for the low stars! but it feels below average for an artifact puzzle mainly due to the very dim lighting of the subject painting - not due to any flaw of the clever puzzle piece shapes or any other reason. I do think the image clearly shows the dull coloring of the painting - so what you see is what you get. I just wish being such a fan of Degas and ballet that more colorful or well lit paintings of dancers were chosen here. So in case you were hoping the image would be lighter upon arrival, do not create false hopes for yourself and you will enjoy its very petit size and dancer whimsies.
    Name: Carol Brouillet
    Review: Warning- these pieces are extremely delicate and fragile! On the other hand, they are exquisitely beautiful, marvelous and works of art themselves! I could not resist the whimsies. I generally prefer the very challenging, larger puzzles, but this one is extremely well crafted, with an unusual cut. The nine ballerinas are each very distinct from one another. It is a pleasure to put it together, and one that I think I will enjoy doing again and again, and sharing with friends and family.
    Name: Michael Fox
    Review: This puzzle—gorgeous owing to Mr. Degas’ classic artistry—is given new life by the unique creative talents of Ms. Flannery. It’s a simple distraction to assemble this puzzle, but such an elegant exercise. It should take you less than hour, but you will return to it often. The ballerina-shaped whimsies are so much fun that we have gifted this puzzle to our dancer friends.