Concierge Gift Service

$ 50.00


Puzzled as to which puzzle to gift? Choose this concierge gifting service, and we pick a great gift for you!

You can buy this and just let us take care of the rest, OR you can buy this then email us (within an hour of purchase!) at with the order number and whatever info about the gift recipient you think might help us pick a good puzzle for them. 

For example: "Jack loves bird-watching but nothing cutesy."

We will ensure the chosen puzzle is not one they have gotten thru us before.

Price covers: 

  • our expertise to pick a great puzzle for your recipient
  • puzzle(s) worth 90-105% of the price you choose
  • gift wrap
  • a custom gift message if you email us one within 1 hour, if not we will put a simple gift message of "To X From Y" gift message where X is the shipping address name and Y is the billing address name
  • free shipping to a USA address. If the shipping address is not USA, we will deduct our usual flat shipping fee for the destination country from the price and spend 90-105% of the remainder on the puzzle choice

Usually we will just send one puzzle, but if we think more smaller puzzles will make the gift recipient happiest, we may choose to send a selection of puzzles that add up to 90-105% of the chosen price. 

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