Artifact Puzzles - Sandi Rigby Botanical Dreaming Wooden Jigsaw Puzzle

$ 243.00


This is a 1,273 piece wooden jigsaw puzzle of the colorful leafy triptych art by Australian artist Sandi Rigby. The puzzle design by David Figueiras consists of varied pieces with diverse connectors, and an elaborate decorative edge with drop-outs for each of the three panels, so while this is an irregular edge, the drop-outs make it easier to spot the edge pieces. NOTE: The irregular edge is not shown in the image on the box!

There are lots of whimsies along the theme of bedtime and sleep and happy dreaming. 

The puzzle is a harder than average even for its size, and it's pretty big, so this one should take you a while! 

Each triptych panel is 10" by 20" - so you'll need at least a 30" by 20" table to fit the whole puzzle, but probably you want a bit bigger table to spread out the pieces.

All the pieces come mixed together in one 10" x 7" x 4" box, when putting the pieces back in the box, shake the box gently to make it easier to fit all the pieces back in.

Like all our puzzles, made with 1/4" thick wood and the pieces are laser-cut and made in the USA.

Manufacturer recommended age: 15 years and up

Released April 2022

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Name: Puzzle, FL
Review: I truly enjoyed this puzzle but sit down and relax, this one is going to take a while. I advise leaving the yellow panel in the center for last, it is the hardest one and it took me longer than the other two combined. The pink one is the easiest so you may want to start there.
Name: Leslie, VA
Review: Difficult but gorgeous puzzle. Irregular border make it especially challenging.
Name: Lucy, MA
Review: One of the best puzzles I've done. The colors and patterns make this a very meditative experience.
Name: Michael Brandt
Review: I also did this through the Hoefnagel club. I had no space problems on my 38”x54” surface although at the beginning with all the pieces turned right side up there wasn’t a lot of room to start building. I had no problems refilling the box at the end, although after reading the previous review I filled the box in stages with some shaking between loads to settle things down. As for the puzzle itself, I had mixed feelings about it. On the plus side it has a lot of pieces, which I like, and I always enjoy non-straight edges and these are very jagged. But, the image itself didn’t do a lot for me artistically, the foliage is stylized enough that I felt it was more like a geometric design which tended towards a bit boring as time went by. It sounds from the previous reviews that I had a bit more trouble solving it. I never quite got a good flow going and surprisingly once I had the first two panels complete I found the final panel more difficult for some reason. It took me 23:59:46 solving time (less than a day😏) and I felt more a feeling of relief than exultation when I finished that I didn’t have to look at that monotonous pattern anymore. The color changes are all very well but I could have done with more variety in the pattern too for something that took so much time. So, it’s challenging and absorbing but I wouldn’t care to do it again.
Name: Northern Star
Review: Unlike the first reviewer, I was NOT initially drawn to the very rainbow colors of Botanical Dreaming. In fact, I actively dismissed this puzzle until I tried Sandi Rigby's tiny but tremendous puzzle, Tree of Wisdom. Falling in love with its varied and intricately detailed foliage, I searched for other puzzles by Rigby and realized she was the artist of Botanical Dreaming. Loving both large, challenging puzzle and the details of Tree of Wisdom I decided to go "out on a limb" and order this one. I am both happy to have this in my collection AND waiting for a large Rigby puzzle to be released that has those gorgeous earthtones from Tree of Wisdom! I still don't love the overall (to me garish) rainbow color scheme of Botanical Dreaming, but each leafy section has more nuanced and beautifully varied colors within it, which is what I focus on while puzzling. I also enjoy the connector variety and satisfyingly interlocking fit of the pieces. Like the first reviewer, I didn't find this overly challenging for its size, as the distinct leaf/flower sections, plus gradient colors, made it flow quite smoothly for me. There are certainly a lot of pieces so it takes time, for sure, and creates an inherent challenge for those who enjoy those attributes. I was able to construct in modular sections of different foliage types, which allowed me to do the whole puzzle on a single 30" x 44" surface without any trays or secondary surfaces. Certainly snug but, for me, doable. While I enjoyed the animal whimsies, about half the whimsies have to do with sleep (i.e. alarm clock, beds, even a series of chunky letter Zs). While some might enjoy these shapes, I didn't much, and I was discouraged to discover that this is another puzzle that Artifact has done a poor job with previewing the whimsy shapes. The only whimsies shown on the website are animals, but half the whimsies are sleep-themed and not pictured on the website at all; that's not a good representation! Finally, getting all the pieces back in the box is a VERY tight fit. Seems like just a tad more space (especially for $250) would make reboxing much easier and relieve one's fear of snapping/damaging the precious pieces.