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Artifact Puzzles - Martin Heade Two Hummingbirds At Nest Wooden Jigsaw Puzzle

Artifact Puzzles - Martin Heade Two Hummingbirds At Nest Wooden Jigsaw Puzzle

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This is a fancy 289-piece wooden jigsaw puzzle of Martin Heade's "Two Hummingbirds at Nest." The 19th century American artist took multiple trips to the tropics, and this piece depicting this pair of hummingbirds is from one such journey. The complicated design by David Figueiras includes Costa Rica themed whimsies and a beautiful, irregular edge with many drop-outs. NOTE: The irregular edge is not shown in the image on the box!

This puzzle is harder than average.

Packaged in a blue box with a magnetic clasp. Made in USA.

10" by 13"

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Name: Isabelle
Review: ooh, that's a hard one: irregular edge (documented on the picture above) with tons of drop-outs (these do not appear on the picture of the puzzle provided above, so you discover them as you go, yoohoo!). It takes some time to understand the underlying grammar of this puzzle: lots of curlicues and fern spirals, there is some symmetry involved on the edge but the image is making it less obvious, it's baroque and mesmerizing at the same time. Lots of fun to get through it! I agree with Leah (see review below): good natural light is a must to assemble the dark areas at the bottom.
Name: Kathy S.
Review: I simply treasure this puzzle. I've worked it three times, but it has not gotten a whole lot easier; it's almost as much a challenge now as the first time. But that's a good thing! And it's also just as much a delight and a pleasure as the first time. The artistry of David Figueiras's clever, intricate design perfectly enhances the artistry of Heade's work, which was obviously painted with love and tenderness and awe. The result is simply exquisite. This is one of my very favorite puzzles. A brilliant accomplishment by the Artifact team.
Name: Lucinda
Review: I really like "Two Hummingbirds at Nest" for its elegance, subtle colors, and many Costa Rican wildlife whimsies. It is most definitely on the tricky side (I'd put it in the Really Hard category), but that is good: It's not a speed puzzle, but rather one that begs you to slow down, take your time, walk away from it, come back. I lived in Costa Rica for awhile, and the locals there have a saying that is often used in place of hello, goodbye, no worries, and well, just about anything. It is "pura vida" which translates as "pure life". I think of it as meaning "relax and smell the roses". This puzzle is a little slice of pura vida.
Name: Carol Brouillet
Review: This is an exquisite puzzle, definitely on the tricky side, though. I still thoroughly enjoyed it! The beautiful whimsy pieces, the unique cut, the very original, unusual edge, the very subtle coloring. I am sure that the first time I did it took me much longer than the second time, but I had so much fun each time. It is a puzzle which one can do again and again, truly a work of art.
Name: Emily Gilbert
Review: Lovely puzzle. Enjoyable to put together. Challenging however..... last ten pieces took me several days to put in place.

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