Artifact Puzzles - Kristian Adam Mojo Wooden Jigsaw Puzzle

$ 35.00


This is a charming little 118 piece wooden jigsaw puzzle of "Mojo" by Kristian Adam.

The puzzle edge follows the image edge. The puzzle has curvy irregular piece shapes knob connectors, and a few whimsies.  Puzzle design by Matt Lyon

The puzzle's difficulty is average. 

Like all our puzzles, laser-cut from 1/4" thick wood.

Packaged in our small blue box with magnetic clasp with a picture on the box and a side label with the name and tiny picture.

Made in USA.

7.75" x 8.75" when complete

Manufacturer recommended age: 15 years and up

Released September 2023

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Name: Rachel and Aaron Cato
Review: Super easy puzzle and super cute. A great one to share (if you want to, or hoard to yourself!) with the kiddos. I still can't figure out if this is a weiner dog or a caterpillar though!
Name: Hronir Jones
Review: Easy peasy but a real little cheery delight. I've done this 6 times already and I've only owned it a couple of weeks.