Artisanal wooden jigsaw puzzles made in the USA.
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Artifact Puzzles - Ito Jakuchu Plum Blossoms Wooden Jigsaw Puzzle

Artifact Puzzles - Ito Jakuchu Plum Blossoms Wooden Jigsaw Puzzle

$ 82.00

This is a 311-piece very challenging wooden jigsaw puzzle of Ito Jakuchu's "Plum Blossoms." The art, with its care and subtlety, is given structure through a design by David Figueras and Ashley Boyd. The design weaves a maze of budding tree branches and themed whimsies throughout, and has unique piece shapes and a flowing irregular edge. Still, despite all the puzzle artistry, it's still really hard, so only get this if you like a serious challenge! Like all our puzzles, made with 1/4" thick wood and the pieces are laser-cut. Packaged in our standard pine wood box. Made in USA.

9.25" by 16.25"

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Name: Jing
Review: No kidding this is a really challenging one. I was trying to do it without looking at the picture. The pieces are cut in a genius sort of way. There are so many similar shapes that will mislead you to the improper connections. Sometimes I felt there was no hope for success and I wanted to pull my hair out, but with a surprising turn it will reward you with a satisfying click in. It was the most difficult piece I've ever encountered, but it was so much fun and by the end of it, I felt accomplished.
Name: Francine
Review: I eat hard puzzles like candy and this one kicked my ass. It is amazing. And beautifully designed. This was the best, most challenging puzzle I have ever done. Good work. More please!
Name: Jennifer Kupay
Review: This is such a beautiful puzzle! The delicate branches and flowers made this so enjoyable.
Name: L. L.
Review: Old plum tree with moon. Scattered pieces before me. Frustration and joy.
Name: Patrick O. Malone
Review: Wonderful puzzle! This one requires time, focus and a crying towel at times... The finished product is beautiful. Well worth the investment.