Artifact Puzzles - Edward Henry Potthast Brighton Beach Wooden Jigsaw Puzzle

$ 60.00


This is a 170 piece wooden jigsaw puzzle of Edward Henry Potthast's "Summer Day, Brighton Beach."

This puzzle is different from most of our puzzles in that first you put together the edge pieces which form a frame to then place the interior pieces which are connectorless. The pieces are slightly big to make this easier to work.

The puzzle has themed whimsies and a wavy irregular edge.

This puzzle is a different sort of challenge, and some people find it average hard, some people find it harder than average for this piece count.

Puzzle design by Jef Bambas.

Like all our puzzles, laser-cut from 1/4" thick wood.

Packaged in our standard unfinished pine wood box.

Made in USA. 

11" x 14.75"

Manufacturer recommended age: 15 years and up

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Name: Mary, CA
Review: Ok this photo cheats- because it shows the pattern on the outside edge. I didn't know that when I did the puzzle and it was interesting to see how long it took me to figure out. The "squarish" pieces were interesting-it made it far more challenging than it should have been for a puzzle this size. The differences in shape were subtle and you had to check and recheck that some of the pieces were correct. For us- that made the puzzle memorable and enjoyable.
Name: Z, PA
Review: All of the center section is push-fit. I did portions in a box so I could push the pieces up against the side or corner to stay put while I worked. The last 8 push-fit water pieces took me a lot of switching and swapping. This puzzle was a tricky but fun way to spend an afternoon.
Name: Linda, CA
Review: The picture is adorable, but the connectorless pieces just didn't work for me
Name: Isabelle
Review: This puzzle combines a grid of wavy tiles without any connectors, and a frame with irregular edges and sea creatures whimsies. The frame locks all the tiles in. Due to the impressionist style of the painting, it is not always obvious how to situate the pieces. At the end, I had three tiles left and I wasn't so sure about their location. Some shuffling around and ta-da! This puzzle is unusual, and fun if you like the concept of loose pieces that are secured within a frame. I do!
Name: Puzzlemom
Review: I was taken by surprise at how enjoyable this puzzle was to work. I overlooked buying this one at first because I feared the connectorless pieces would make it too frustrating. But actually the shapes of the connectorless pieces are cut to fit together in a wavelike pattern that makes for a fun and novel experience. The beached themed whimsies are incorporated into the irregular border which is formed by pieces which have connectors. The border is very securely hooked together and forms a nice foundation in which to place all the connectorless pieces. A very fun and unique puzzle working experience!