Artifact Puzzles - Dany Paragouteva Magic Carpet Wooden Jigsaw Puzzle

$ 84.00


Here is a 305 piece wooden jigsaw puzzle showcasing Dany Paragouteva's painting, "Magic Carpet." Designed by Jef Bambas, this puzzle features an irregular edge, Arabian-inspired split tendril connector pieces, and a smattering of themed whimsies. NOTE: The irregular edge is not shown in the image on the box! This puzzle is one magic ride! Its difficulty is harder than average.

Like all our puzzles, laser-cut from 1/4" thick wood. Packaged in our standard pine wood box. Made in USA.

16.25" by 11"

Manufacturer recommended age: 15 years and up

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Name: Rachel and Aaron Cato
Review: The split tendril design of this puzzle makes it a nice challenge without wanting to curse it. We love irregular edges and like an occasional challenge so this puzzle fit the bill nicely. The artwork is also lovely and makes you think 'what if magic carpets were real?'
Name: Timothy Wright
Review: I have never been disappointed with an Artifact puzzle, everything about them is top shelf. I have about 12 Artifact puzzle laying about unopened and this puzzle seemed among the cheerful and easiest. It was cheerful, maybe not easiest. I should try to be precise with my words. I found this puzzle very engaging; I finished it in 2 sittings in a total time of 3.5 hours. That might suggest the puzzle was average or easy difficulty, but that was not how the puzzle felt subjectively to work. I found the sky particularly challenging, even as I had only a few pieces left to place. I have come to think that I enjoy all artifact puzzles no matter the difficulty but I understand that when customers consider buying a puzzle difficulty is a primary criterion. The tendril connections tend to throw me off, and slow me down. They amp up one’s focus, require much more attention. I greatly enjoyed the puzzle, because of the large size I can recommend the puzzle for a couple or family working cooperatively. Is intensity different than difficulty? This puzzle will demand a fair amount of your intensity and focus to make good progress. Expect to be well rewarded for your time and investment. Puzzle might work well as an IQ test for blind date, it’s that good.
Name: Michael Fox
Review: Like one of the other reviewers, I too go as long as I can without looking at the photo. I too used the edge of the carpet for my reference point. That said, I think this puzzle for me was nearly (emphasis on, "nearly") as challenging as Crystal Grove. But I loved it. It is a lively piece of art and the cut only complements the painting. We are closing in on 100 puzzles. I think this is 98. Every one of them has been a joy. Thank you all!
Name: Susan
Review: I absolutely loved the whimsical pieces in their puzzle, as well as the art work. Loved the small details in the puzzle. Would love to see the original artwork. It is definitely a piece worth studying for hours.
Name: DorisWaggoner
Review: I'm part of a group that puts wooden puzzles together, without looking at the picture. That makes things more challenging, which is the way we like it! We have a well lighted place where we can leave partly finished puzzzles, so we can come and go when we have the time to work on them. The first time we dumped this one out on the table, it looked impossible, with almost all the pieces having three or four curls! One of my strategies is usually to pull out the color with the smallest number of pieces. Sometimes that works well, and this time it was helpful, as it defined one edge, which was NOT straight. It's always helpful to know that. Then we started to notice tiny figures, and the edge of the magic carpet. Some of us worked on the carpet's edge, while others worked on some of the figures. We didn't get it done the first day, or probably the second, but we had a great time with it. We enjoyed it so much that when it was finished, we took it apart so we could do it again. We actually put it together a third time, and I think it only took us a day and a half to finish it. We'll bring it out another time to take a trip on the magic carpet again.