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Artifact Puzzles - Bee Eater Wooden Jigsaw Puzzle

Artifact Puzzles - Bee Eater Wooden Jigsaw Puzzle

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This is an exquisite 439 piece wooden jigsaw puzzle of the Mughal Miniature painting "Bee Eater." The puzzle design by Amy Tang has varied piece shapes and diverse, beautiful connectors, an ornate irregular edge on the top and bottom, and a cheery set of garden and Mughal themed whimsies. NOTE: The irregular edge is not shown in the image on the box! This puzzle is average difficulty for its size. Like all our puzzles, made with 1/4" thick wood and the pieces are laser-cut. Packaged in our standard pine wood box. Made in the USA.

11" by 19.25"

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Name: Larry
Review: thank you for being original withe irregular edges it gave me the time to regress to a time of youth and the fun of being young and allowed me to test my mental acuity as a older man . thank you again for the wonderful workmanship
Name: Isabelle
Review: Michael Fox: you are my hero! How did you manage to work this puzzle from the outside in?! My approach was more Neanderthal: I went first to the most obvious (the scrumptious bird -so delicately painted that you can see each feather- and its surrounding). Easy peasy, a good warmup and such a balm to the soul. The combination of the muted green turquoise background, the tiny pink blossoms and the bright colors of the bird is just so elevating, so sensuous. I started this puzzle while being on hold for what seems like an eternity, waiting for a banking agent to answer my call (an ATM charging me cash it never delivered, how upsetting!) and the black cloud over my head and the fumes coming out of my ears started to disappear. I was completely oblivious to their obnoxious music loop, just to tell you how good this puzzle is to regain a sense of sanity and ground yourself. When the central image is done, there comes two frames, one yellow and one blue, which are slightly more difficult to assemble, but definitely fun. Split connectors spice things up. Then comes the floral fresco style outer frame. At first, it's mostly a simple Cinderella kind of work: find the fitting connector between the two frames, and then fill out the gaps with remaining pieces that can be used as a border. The vertical edges are straight, so you can pretty much go on autopilot. As for the lower and upper decorative edges, that's another level of difficulty. A good sense of symmetry helps, but I could not finish it without an enlarged screenshot of the puzzle posted above. The intricacies of the curlicues and drop-outs are making it into a stunning work of art. Miniature meets tapestry meets embroidery meets fresco type of art. I definitely recommend it if you are stressed out (no side-effect!) or just looking for an interesting challenge, where there are different levels of difficulties all in one.
Name: Michael Fox
Review: One of my very favorites! This puzzle with its frames is essentially four puzzles in one. I took my time and worked from the outside in—saving the bird til last. It took me a time to break this puzzle and return it to its box to be reassembled on another day! BTW, i love the drop outs!
Name: Shannon
Review: The picture does not represent the actual puzzle. It shows straight borders on all four sides, but there are only straight borders on the two vertical sides. There is no indication that the top and bottom are not straight and it appears unfinished or that a lot of pieces are missing.
Name: Barbara
Review: Really pretty and quite challenging

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