Artifact Puzzles - Guiseppe Arcimboldo Vertumnus Wooden Jigsaw Puzzle

$ 84.00


This is a 314 piece wooden jigsaw puzzle of the famous 16th Century Italian artist Guiseppe Arcimboldo's portrait of the Holy Roman Emperor re-imagined as the Roman God of Seasons Vertumnus. The puzzle was designed by Matt Lyon, with drop-outs, themed whimsies, and a decorative irregular edge. NOTE: The irregular edge is not shown in the image on the box! This puzzle is harder than average. All of our puzzles are laser-cut from 1/4" wood. Made in the USA. Packaged in our standard unfinished pine wood box.

All of our puzzles are laser-cut from 1/4" wood. Made in the USA. Packaged in our standard unfinished pine wood box.

  • 314 pieces
  • 11" by 13"
  • Laser-cut Wooden Jigsaw Puzzles
  • Made in USA

    Manufacturer recommended age: 15 years and up
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    Name: Carol Marks
    Review: I thoroughly enjoyed doing this puzzle and would like to see more of Arcimboldo’s portrait heads made into your wonderful puzzles. It was the perfect degree of difficulty for me. I loved the irregular border and and the vibrant colors.
    Name: Gayle
    Review: Guiseppe Archimboldo’s Vertumnus is an abundance of fall bounty. With fly-away hair, the puzzle is fun to put together. It has a handful of neat whimsies, plus, the connectors are another delight. In fact, the longer I worked on the puzzle, the more I enjoyed the connectors. Each one is different from all the others. They are a tiny treat in a larger puzzle that is a joy. There’s no need to pull weeds or step out into your garden; your puzzle is your fall harvest.
    Name: Pat
    Review: This is my favorite Artifact puzzle yet. (“Stem Cell” is now my second favorite.) As the picture and description reveal, almost nothing in this puzzle is what it is supposed to be, but everything is what it will be: this is part of the puzzle’s challenge. A less obvious challenge (which I’m not revealing) must be recognized before real progress can be made. A third challenge must be met before the puzzle is completed; in fact, I was almost convinced there was no place for what I guess may be every puzzlers’ last piece. Only because it was my last piece was I finally able to find its place, which I immediately realized is the most sensible place for it to be. Turns out, it is the one piece that is what it is. I’ve written my review in riddles and ambiguities because I prefer not to diminish anyone's enjoyment in working out this puzzle. It’s delightful!