Artisanal wooden jigsaw puzzles made in the USA.
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Artifact Puzzles - Alfredo Arreguin Jaguars Diptych Wooden Jigsaw Puzzle

Artifact Puzzles - Alfredo Arreguin Jaguars Diptych Wooden Jigsaw Puzzle

$ 120.00

This is a 505 piece wooden jigsaw puzzle of Seattle artist Alfredo Arreguin's diptych painting titled "Cat Nap." It has a Mayan-themed puzzle design by Tara Flannery and Maria Berg. Despite the straight edge, it is one of the most challenging puzzles we offer. All our puzzles are made with 1/4" wood and laser-cut in the USA. Packaged in an unfinished pine wood box.


  • 505 pieces
  • 12" x 19" (total diptych size)
  • laser-cut wooden jigsaw puzzle
  • Made in USA
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    Name: Rebecca Tushnet
    Review: This puzzle is a fantastic challenge. The muted colors and themed whimsies make assembly a matter of intense concentration. And then, when the puzzle's internal shape becomes clear, the fantastic cut turns into a piece of art of its own.
    Name: Michele
    Review: This is an incredible puzzle. I didn't realize how gorgeous the image is until I got the puzzle. The picture on the web site doesn't come close to showing all of the image details. When I opened the box and started sorting the pieces I was so happy I got the puzzle. It's dazzling. I love hard puzzles and this one was a bit challenging. A perfect puzzle = beautiful, challenging and ultimately, completely rewarding.
    Name: Anna G.
    Review: This was gorgeous, but also really, really hard. At first I found all the whimsy pieces and put them together, and then I got stuck for a while. But then later some cool patterns emerged, and by the end it was really cool and I was proud of it!
    Name: Carol Brouillet
    Review: I love Artifact Puzzles in general, but this one in particular. It is quite unique in design and very challenging, despite the regular rectangular edge. Many of the pieces have flat sides, so it isn't obvious whether the piece is an edge piece or not and when it is complete- there are actually two puzzles, side by side mirroring one another to some degree. This puzzle requires more time and effort than the smaller puzzles. I loaned one of my smaller ones to a friend's sister and she complained that she was able to figure it out in less than two hours and wanted a harder one, so I loaned her this one. She needed her parents and her brother's help with it and it took them over a week to do it (not every moment of every day, but when they had free time). Her brother said that next time, she would like one in between in difficulty. So if you like difficult, challenging puzzles, this one is for you! The quality is excellent and I've never seen a cut that resembles this one. There are many jaguars and tricky pieces that are not obvious.

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