4th Annual Artifact Puzzles USA Speed-Puzzling Contest

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This is the 4th annual Artifact Puzzles USA National Speed-Puzzling Contest that you can participate in from the comfort of your living room!

Where: Your living room! The contest is on Zoom (video conference).

When: Contest happens Saturday April 27:

  • Individuals Contest:  10am West Coast = 1pm East Coast time = noon CDT
  • Pairs Contest:  1pm West Coast = 4pm East Coast time = 3pm CDT

Which Puzzle? Everyone will do the same totally secretnever-before-seen Artifact wood jigsaw puzzle at the same time. You keep your contest puzzle after the contest.    

  • Individuals puzzle:  217 pieces, average hard, has an irregular edge that is not shown on the box
  • Pairs puzzle: 383 pieces, average hard, straight edge
  • There will be a small picture on the box like usual for Artifact Puzzles.
  • The images were chosen for their broad appeal, and are appropriate for all-ages.

Individuals/Pair Categories: You pick if you'd like to complete in the solo (Individuals: Adults or Under-18) or in a team of 2 (Pairs) by purchasing the right variant of this product.  The puzzles will be different, so you can compete in both. 

The puzzle contest puzzle will arrive in a box that says Do NOT Open

We will email you instructions to get on the Zoom call for the contest.

Everyone opens up their shipping boxes at the same time on the Zoom video-conference, and starts puzzling at the same time.  


  • Individuals Contest: $70 (you keep the puzzle) 
  • Pairs Contest: $100 (one of you keeps the puzzle)

Prizes: Yes! For both Individuals and Pairs:

  • First Place: your choice of any puzzle we make under 2,000 pieces, or a 1 year membership to the Hoefnagel Puzzle Club
  • Second Place: your choice of any puzzle we make 700 pieces or less, or a 6 month membership to the Hoefnagel Puzzle Club
  • Third Place: your choice of any puzzle we make 400 pieces or less, or a 3 month membership to the Hoefnagel Puzzle Club

How Do I Register?:  Purchase this product and make sure to fill in your email, phone number, and shipping address when you check-out.

How Many Contestants Will There Be?: No more than 150 entrants per contest.

USA only:  Due to uncertain international shipping times we cannot accept international entries.

Tips: check out our blog post on "how the fastest puzzlers do it."

More Details: 

  • We'll ship you the puzzle April 11th by USPS Ground Advantage shipping
  • We'll email contestants a link by April 25th before to join the Zoom meeting on April 27th.
  • The judges will check each contestant’s camera setup and that they have not opened the shipping box guarding the puzzle.
  • There will be brief instructions given, and everyone will open their shipping box and remove the wrapping LIVE, on camera.
  • Then we will start the timer, and everyone will puzzle simultaneously.
  • While only the fastest puzzlers will get prizes, everyone is encouraged to finish the puzzle and clock-in their fastest time, that is the event will run a full two hours, not just until the first three people finish. 
  • After the contest is over, and all entries have been verified, we will the blog the completion times and names of the fastest puzzlers. 
  • You CAN participate in both contests if you want.
  • Puzzling Tools: Sorting trays and box top holders are allowed. Other tools
    (spatulas, magnifying glasses, cell phone cameras) are NOT.
  • Each puzzle is a new Artifact Puzzle that is not listed on our website. 
  • Each puzzle is average hard as our puzzles go, but on the trickier side of average hard as they may have irregular edges (no straight edge pieces).
  • We expect the fastest puzzlers to be able to complete the Individuals puzzle in around 45 minutes, but it might take casual puzzlers 2-3 hours.
  • We expect the fastest puzzlers to be able to complete the Pairs puzzle in around 1 hour, but it might take casual puzzlers 2-4 hours.
  • The picture of the puzzle will be on-the-box, and it may help you go faster if you use the picture effectively. 

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