Mim Timing for Ecru Puzzles

The Mim Time for our Ecru puzzles is an estimate of how long the puzzle takes to put together for an avearage puzzler, but puzzlers really vary, so don't expect it to take you the Mim Time, but hopefully it gives you a starting place and a way to judge the relative difficulty of our Ecru puzzles. 

How do we measure the Mim Time? Well, it's the actual time it took our alpha-tester Mim to do the puzzle, without ever seeing the image.

Normalized Mim Time is the Mim Time divided by the number of pieces, that is, how long it took to get each piece in, on average. Normalized Mim Time is the best way to gauge how challenging a puzzle is, irrespective of its number of pieces. 

Here are the Ecru puzzles sorted by their Mim Times if we have it:

Puzzles by Mim-time

Puzzles by Normalized Mim-time