Jazzy Nights Skyscraper Hints

Iwona Lifsches Jazzy Night is a painting of the Copenhagen city skyline, and our puzzle comes with some extra pieces to add a couple of skyscrapers that stick up out of the puzzle.

Need some help getting your skyscrapers built?

Here are a series of photos showing how to do it.

Step 1: find these pieces and see that they fit standing-up in the puzzle.



Step 2: Pull those 2 pieces back out in order to attach them to the next side of the building (see photo), but this shows you how that will fit back in.


Step 3: Pull those pieces back out and attach the other sides. You should now have this:


Step 4: Now for the skyscraper on the right you can add its roof piece.

For the skyscraper on the left, you are adding a mid-level floor piece, it has holes in it 

to support its upper floors (which we'll do next!)


Step 5: You have four pieces left to form the upper floors of the left skyscraper.

See how they fit together in this picture:


Step 6: Join all 4 sides together, you now have a box with legs like this:


Step 7: Those long legs fit into the holes in the left skyscraper like this: 

Step 8: Put the roof on and you're done!