Stumpcraft Puzzles - Julie deBoer Badlands To The Bone Wooden Jigsaw Puzzle

$ 139.00


This is a really hard 551 piece wooden jigsaw puzzle.  Made by Stumpcraft Puzzles in Canada. Stumpcraft Puzzles are cut from 1/4” Eco Gold MDF and they print their images directly on the wood resulting in rich colors with a matte finish (so low glare). 

Each Stumpcraft puzzle is unique, with a puzzle design themed to each puzzle by owner Jasen Robillard. This puzzle has very irregular piece shapes, mostly knob connectors, and a straight edge. It has lots of whimsies and large multi-piece whimsies celebrating the dinosaurs and people of the Badlands. 

This puzzle is really hard for its piece count.

Made in Canada.

Dimensions: 40cm x 33cm

Manufacturer recommended age: 15 years and up

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Name: Timothy Wright
Review: This puzzle by far is my favorite Stumpcraft and has the distinction of the one puzzle I most frequently gift. It is an immensely rewarding puzzle to work on. Jasen once told me: “I don’t make any easy puzzles, they bore me.” Call this exhibit “A” for the defense of Jasen. Neither will this puzzle bore you, the quality of print directly on the wood is just stunning. The many elaborate multi piece whimsies are so rewarding to sort out. One does actually repeatedly explore for dinosaur skeletons in the process of working out the puzzle and every discovery is so clever and gratifying. Jasen has a habit of breaking the rules, he sometimes cuts on color lines, pieces can be in a range of sizes. I remember searching for one piece to complete an edge only to discover three small pieces filled the vacancy. Forgive and move on. A mutual professional respect develops between puzzle architect and constructor. You know you are being messed with in a benign way, however the doing is just so satisfying. You know that if you stick with it, this is a puzzle you can finish. As I worked on this puzzle my very puzzle talented cleaning lady had her hawk eye on working the puzzle next. Next week I mentioned that I sent the puzzle to friend and I almost had a rebellion. I had to clarify that I purchased a second copy for my friend. Yes, she can still borrow my copy. I could never treat her so badly as to give “her copy” away. Among many 100’s of wooden jigsaw puzzles that I have enjoyed; this puzzle is top of the heap as flypaper. Any fellow wooden jigsaw puzzle aficionado observing this puzzle in play will quickly know that they absolutely need to work this puzzle on their own. It is irresistible. Jigsaw cocaine made out of 1/4” Eco Gold MDF.
Name: Sandra
Review: This was my first Stumpcraft puzzle and It was a joy to work on. Because it is printed directly on the wood, the color is extra beautiful and rich to look at. The cut of the puzzle is very clever- a lot of cutting on the line, for example and dinosaur themed whimsies. I loved the difficulty, because like a good book I didn’t want it to end.