Artifact Puzzles - Jim Flora Tenement K Wooden Jigsaw Puzzle

$ 100.00


This is a 436 piece puzzle of Jim Flora's painting, Tenement K. Designed by Steven Simpson, this puzzle contains a ton of fun, abstract, and cartoon-like themed whimsies that enhances this incredible, colorful work. It is harder than average difficulty due to all the fine detail in the painting. 

Warning: This image features "serious cartoon nudity" and is probably not appropriate for kids. 

Like all our puzzles, laser-cut from 1/4" thick wood. Packaged in our standard pine wood box. Made in USA. 

15" by 11.5"

Manufacturer recommended age: 15 years and up

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Name: Erin, CA
Review: Did the puzzle by color, which worked great. Reminds me of New Orleans. Some pieces are a bit small.
Name: Carol
Review: A delightful puzzling experience. Challenging, and the whimsy pieces are perfect for the art. As you put it together you can just hear the joint jumping!
Name: Barbara
Review: Love this puzzle! I took it apart after the family pieced it over the holidays and worked it myself after they all left. Fabulous cut is so much fun and not at all easy despite many unique shapes. Loved that each room was a little puzzle. More Jim Flora please!