Ecru Puzzles - Mystery Puzzle #26 Wooden Jigsaw Puzzle

$ 175.00


 New May 2024!

For Very Serious Puzzlers Only!!! This is a really hard 819 piece wooden jigsaw puzzle with extra small pieces, and this is a mystery puzzle, which means we are only showing you a tiny bit of the image just to give you an idea of whether this is your kind of art, and we will tell you that this is a highly-detailed landscape by an 18th century German painter who was living in China and whose style reflects both Western and Chinese painting traditions.  

There is no picture on the box (and unlike our previous mystery puzzles, there is also no image hidden inside the box - so you really have to do this puzzle with no idea of what the image looks like!)

 puzzle is long-and-skinny: 5" tall by 59" long

The puzzle design by Marcelle Jay Iremedio has Mongolian-themed whimsies, pentagonal pieces (based on a Marjorie Rice tessellation), and an irregular edge that arises naturally from the piece shapes (which makes it hard to sort-out the edge pieces).  

This is from our Ecru line, with a matte image. 

Packaged in a pine wood box with sliding lid and engraved side label with the puzzle name and piece count. 

  • 819 pieces
  • 5" x 59" when complete
  • laser-cut wooden jigsaw puzzle
  • Made in USA
  • Manufacturer recommended age: 15 years and up

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